Monday, 19 September 2011

Walk in Closet Design - 10 Closet Organization Tips to Make You Closet User Friendly

If you are lucky enough to have a closet design that is a "walk in" congratulations! However, sometimes closet organization in a generous space can be as problematic and troublesome as one that is very small. With all that space sometimes "stuff" just starts to pile up and your walk in closet becomes just another cluttered space.

Here are 10 closet organization tips to help make your walk in closet design user friendly.

1. Install small hooks for your shoe horn and lint brush so they are always available and ready for use. If you have a wire shelving system use "S" shaped hooks, if you have a walk in closet organizer installed simply screw "L" shaped hooks into the cabinetry.

2. Install wall mounted coat hooks for robes.

3. Use open storage for clothing items that are accessed frequently such as folded t-shirts and shoes.

4. Get storage baskets to contain small items such as socks or underwear. Not only do they look attractive in open storage but getting at your clothing items is easy and so is putting them away. Even pajamas or nightgowns can be rolled up and put in storage baskets freeing up a lot of drawer space.

5. Keep a small sewing kit and shirt buttons available for on the spot repairs

6. Set up a ironing center. If you cannot actually iron in your walk in closet at least store your ironing board and iron in there. A wall mounted storage unit can keep the ironing board and the iron out of the way and ready for use when you need it. Make sure you have a spray bottle and a container that can be used to fill the iron with water when needed.

7. Keep a can of the spray static cling remover in the closet. You can spray your clothes just before you put them on.

8. Keep a small container of stain remover or the pre-moistened stain remover towelettes in the closet so that stains can be treated before the clothing item goes into the laundry hamper.

9. Clear a space just for hanging empty hangers. You will be amazed at how easy it is to hang up your clothing and keep your closet neat if there are no empty hangers mixed in with the clothing. Whenever you take an item off a hanger place the empty hanger is this designated space and there will always be an empty hanger right where you need it when you need it!

10. Install a valet rod - What is a valet rod? This is a small closet rod that installs perpendicular to the wall. Usually it telescopes out so that it can be recessed and not be obtrusive when it is not in use. The valet rod is for temporary use and is great for when you need to hang:

* wet clothes that need to air dry
* freshly pressed clothes that need to cool down
* tomorrow's outfit
* a shirt or a pair of pants while you sew the button on

If you love your walk in closet design you will love it even more when you implement these user friendly closet organization tips.